Don't take my word for it.


Working within a group and joining a group mentored by Alex has led to drastic improvements within my personal and business life which means I’m going to be out of the 9-5 hamster wheel really quickly - If you want financial freedom and the backing to create a great life sign up. Now.


Joint Venture Mastermind Client

Alex gets straight to the point and doesn’t allow you to fudge or skip over anything! Alex has saved me hundreds per month and it’s been great fun - you have a full guarantee so no risk just all gains!


Joint Venture Mastermind Client

For once in my life I still had money left at the end of Christmas and that was created by my participation in the JVMM course. Now I’m so aware of how I spend my money and where I can make cut backs and save.


Joint Venture Mastermind Client

Working  with Alexlouise is fun, challenging and rewarding. She's helped me actually take time to work out my goals, what I want and where my boundaries are. If you want the life you dream of this is how it happens!


Joint Venture Mastermind Client

Working with Alex is having your eyes opened to what's actually possible for your life, realising that it's achievable and then being shown how to get there. The biggest change I've had to date from doing JVMM is that I no longer procrastinate, or shy away from getting things done.  I was a sole trader struggling to pay off debt, now I'm living comfortably and I became a director of two new businesses in less than a year. If you're thinking about doing it I would say just go for it. It will challenge you, and give you the opportunity to do things outside of your comfort zone. You will grow as a person and be given the tools to get what you want out of life.


Joint Venture Mastermind Client

I've recently started the Money Mastermind programme with Alexlouise and I can already see the difference it's making to my finances and the way I manage my accounts, i'm becoming more accountable for my spending, money is allocated for particular types of expenses and future financial planning is now in place. I am a pretty organised person but I am realising there is a whole extra level to how things can be done. 

Alex is there to coach and encourage at every step, she's making me think about my life and my plans for the future to make my dreams a reality. I literally can't wait to get on the call each week to see what's next for myself and our group on this exciting journey to financial freedom. 


Money Mastermind Client
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